Our information services run the full spectrum, from snapshot views of the social media marketplace your brand addresses and generates a “buzz” in, to continuous services delivered as ongoing subscriptions, and bespoke views of the marketplace combined with consulting and advisory services.


Comprehensive competitive analysis of your target market. From the customers’ point of view expressed in social media.

BuyersWatch analyses customers’ and influencers’ views of your brand, based upon e-listening across the whole spectrum of relevant social media, blogs, forums and e-tailer sites. This allows you to understand the “buzz” around your brand, as you gain insights into peer-to-peer conversations and comments that customers, influencers and prospects make in digital media. This provides you with a huge, unbiased “virtual focus group” that trends over time, and provides unique insights of perceptions of your brands and those of your competitors.


Measure the volume, the effectiveness and the impact of the social communication of your company. And that of your competitors.

VendorsWatch is a comparative view of your brand’s competitive marketplace in social media, including relevant blogs and forums.
This analyses the “voice” of your brand as compared to your competitors’, tracking your and theirofficial channels and the popularity of posts, tweets, etc. A detailed complementary picture of the customer view of these communications allows you to assess the effectiveness of social media activity – i.e. your competitive “reach”, the “uptake/comments” in terms of likes, retweets, posts, etc., in terms of volume and sentiment. You get a detailed view of how well your messages resonate with your customers, and how their effectiveness compares with that of the messages of the other key players in your market.


The most comprehensive and detailed analysis of media presence of your company or your brand

PressWatch provides an analysis of your impact on and uptake in digital media, covering traditional media in digital form and also new media such as forums, blogs and influencer-led discussions. Direct links are provided to articles in order to facilitate review and analysis.


QuestFactory Consulting Services allow you to leverage our syndicated information databases to access more tailored information, and can also undertake bespoke research to provide you with information that meets your precise needs.


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