aboutusEstablished in 2014, QuestFactory has reached a unique position in the field of social media listening, big data and analytics. Our bespoke analytics platform has been developed by leveraging an experimental big data research project undertaken jointly with the University of Pavia. This has created a solution that can cut out the “noise” of social media chatter, and allows key words and associated semantics to be pinpointed, providing visibility of what is really being discussed in Social Media’s “big data”.

A range of QuestFactory analytical tools then identifies actionable insights that can be applied by digital marketeers to understand the reach of brands in the Social Mediasphere, as well as the associated emotional reaction of influencers and the general public, and the critical “buzz” amongst buyers and consumers in their peer-to-peer interactions.

A consulting-led delivery team enables tailored solutions to answer digital marketing questions, and the creation of data-led social media strategies and campaigns. QuestFactory insights give companies and marketing agencies the ability to proactively define and adjust their corporate communications activities. This allows them to understand and react to the real world reception of their social media messages by the market, and the resulting “buzz”. As such, the Social Mediasphere can be used as a “virtual” focus group, but one that represents real, unbiased opinions, on a very large scale.

This enables the following types of outcome:
• Measure the success (or failure) of your marketing campaigns, adjust them and measure the impact of such adjustments
• Align different messaging and audience types with the most appropriate social media channel
• Access unique insights from the “buzz” – what people are saying to each other about your brand
• View a map of a brand’s social media activity and reach/sentiment, with comparisons to competitors, and an industry benchmark
• Measure and learn from the success (or failure) of competitors’ marketing campaigns
• Understand the relative impact of the social media channel on the success of marketing campaigns
• Monitor the evolution of the messaging impact over time.

Originally based in Italy, QuestFactory now operates across Europe and is expanding to Asia and the Americas. QuestFactory is a digital organisation. Its services are borderless and operate across geography, language, and time zone.


To create a new dynamic for competitive Social Media Intelligence: empirical, timely, at scale. Insightful and actionable analysis.

QuestFactory’s new generation of data-led analytical and market research services meet new demand for the provision of “actionable” and “real time” answers based on social media market intelligence. These services are offered via ongoing subscription contracts, and individual reports can also be purchased.
The source data underpinning the analytical services are real social media “conversations” on the Web (“Social Big Data”), transformed into information by applying a unique algorithm-based methodology.

Use of our bespoke platform to analyse “Social Big Data” puts QuestFactory in a unique competitive position to identify the effectiveness of your social media outreach and the “buzz” around your brand.

QuestFactory intends to become the leading provider of market research intelligence based on “listening” to the web, thus assisting our clients to gain competitive advantage by leveraging real-time insights into market sentiment on the internet and in social media.

QuestFactory: your social media partner



Marc de Marcillac, Chief Executive Officer

Leading Quest Factory’s international sales division, Marc is responsible for taking the business into new markets across Europe. His international background in Management Consulting in blue chip organisations like IBM and Cisco has equipped him with a breadth of digital sales and delivery skills, and a strong track record of selling and delivering digital change to businesses. His background in Market Research, combined with career-spanning experience in digital, equips him with the subject matter expertise to build and deliver analytical solutions to Quest Factory’s clients.

Philippe de Marcillac, Director

Philippe leads QuestFactory’s geo-expansion initiatives and covers Asia/Pacific out of Hong Kong. He has extensive knowledge of international markets gained through experience running information services and market research operations throughout the major geographical regions, in management roles in Europe, the United States and Asia/Pacific.


Marina Suardi, Chief Research Officer

Marina is a statistical analyst and leads the research division at QuestFactory. Her team and research partners have developed unique algorithms, tools and methodologies that help clients understand the dynamics of social listening, the semantics of sentiment and the technologies of big data. She has extensive experience of working with C-Level executives in the information field, and has a strong public profile in analytics, data integration and BI. Her previous career includes leading market research at Teleperformance SE, as well as senior roles at Databank, NetConsulting and IDC.

Antonio Romano, Chief Executive Officer

Antonio is CEO of QuestFactory and leads delivery and business development. Antonio has wide experience in publishing and research and is an executive investor in Bee Inc., which owns the UZBee influencer marketing platform, as well as Business4People, one of Southern Europe’s top social media marketing agencies. He has many years of experience as an analyst, of public speaking and as an advisor to C-Level executives. As Director of Marketing and Publishing at Gruppo24Ore, he was responsible for the P&L of more than 35 weekly and monthly publications as well as the Group’s related websites. He was also a key player in driving their transition from print to online advertising. His research background spans Nomos (later acquired by Gartner Group), GfK and IDC where he managed operations in Italy and Iberia.


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