Samsung’s Q3 2016 Results – Will this put the Note7 fiasco behind it?

Samsung Electronics (SEC) announced financial results for Q3 2016 today. Revenue for Q3 2016 was 47.82 Trillion Won (approximately US$42.1B) down 6% from Q2, and down 7% from last year’s Q3 2015. Operating profit also declined, at 5.2 Trillion Won (approximately US$4.6B) in Q3 2016, down 36% as compared to Q2, and down 30% from Q3 2015. The declines in revenue and profits were primarily related to the Galaxy Note7 issues, which recently led to the company’s decision to recall and cease selling the smartphone.

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Samsung Note7 withdrawn, What’s next?

The safety issues of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 (Note7) have made the headlines over the past few weeks, leading to the product’s dramatic withdrawal from sale. The media’s – and customers’ – focus is now moving to the outlook for Samsung and its Galaxy smartphone range.

Less well reported has been the buzz surrounding the Note7 in the digital social mediasphere, which is a rich source of direct customers’ comments and sentiment. QuestFactory, the leading global online media analytics provider, has run a thorough analysis on all this information, using its social media and digital media listening and analytical platforms.

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삼성의 회복 기회는 있는가 ?

소셜미디어 전문 분석기관인 QuestFactory에 의하면 삼성은 노트7의 낭패로부터 회복의 기회를 얻게된다고 보고서를 발표하였다. 디지털 소셜 매체로 부터 직접적인 고객의 반응 및 감정을 수집하여 분석하는 QuestFactory사의 Philippe de Marcillac, Principal Analyst에 의하면 “노트7의 문제는 단일기기의 문제로 고려되고 있어 전체적으로 갤럭시 스마트폰 브랜드에 대한 고객의 감정이 긍정적이다.”라고 언급하였다.

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